Keep Cozy With a Solid Chimney

Keep Cozy With a Solid Chimney

Rely on us for chimney repair service in Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, IN is known for its brutal winters. As a homeowner, you're going to want a working chimney when the first snow falls. If you're dealing with broken caps and crowns or damaged masonry, schedule a chimney repair as soon as possible.

Consult the experts at Warren Masonry Inc for chimney repair service. We'll repair your damaged chimney or replace it with a brand-new structure.

Call now to schedule your consultation. We offer free estimates in Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding area.

Should you tuckpoint your chimney yourself?

Tuckpointing is a common solution for damaged joints. While this task may appear simple, it's quite challenging for inexperienced individuals. Here's why you should leave tuckpointing to the experts:

  • The tools needed are expensive
  • The repair process is quite messy
  • One mistake could lead to further damage

Play it safe and leave the tuckpointing to the experts.

Visit our Projects page to see examples of our work in Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding area.